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[PDF] Blender Shortcuts | Blender Keyboard Shortcut keys

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100+ Blender Shortcuts List | Download Blender Shortcuts PDF


With this Blender shortcuts pdf streamline the 3D textures workflow. Blender software is power-packed not only with its power-packed features but also with power-packed Blender shortcuts. Blender is the best 3D modeling software in the globe.

Download Blenders Shortcuts PDF

List of Blender Shortcuts and Command Keys

Planning to work on any type of 3D content? Well, you must straight head to Blender shortcuts PDF. With Blender Shortcuts and Command Keys, you can render, model, sculpt, add VFX, animate and rig, and much more. The compiled list of shortcuts will be very much useful to you to work with all the amazing functions of Blender. Download the Blender 2.8 shortcuts PDF!

Blender Shortcuts: General Editing

ActionShortcut Keys
Start/Stop edit modeTab
Switches between vertex selectCtrl + Tab
Select/Unselect allA
Select circleB
Bring options menu for itCtrl + H
Number panelN
in/out of proportional editingO
Toggle between smooth and sharp proportional editingShift + O
Make Vertex parentCtrl + P
ShearCtrl + S
Special popup menuW
WarpShift + W

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts: Mesh Editing

ActionShortcut Keys
Edge selectCtrl + Alt + Right Click
Toggle curve cyclic mode on/offC
Extrude selectedE
Make edgeF
Fill selectedShift + F
Beauty fillAlt + F
Flip facesCtrl + F
Knife tool menuK
Selected linkedL
RedoShift + U
Special menuW
Erase selectedX

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Blender Shortcuts: Curve & Metaball Editing

ActionShortcut Keys
Set cyclic curve on/offC
Extrude curveE
Add segmentF
Toggle handle alignH
Select linkedL
Title modeT
Vector handleV
Erase selectedX
Select rowShift + R

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts: Font

ActionShortcut Keys
Move text cursor 1 position forward
Move text cursor to the end of lineShift + →
Move text cursor 1 position backward
Move text cursor to start of the lineShift + ←
Move text cursor line forward
Move text cursor to the end of lineShift + ↓
Move the cursor to line back
Reload original dataAlt + U
Paste textAlt + V

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Blender Shortcuts: Others

ActionShortcut Keys
All vertex colors are erasedShift + K
Shared vertexcolW
LSCM UnwrappingE
Pin selected verticesP
Unpin selected verticesAlt + P
Select Edge loopAlt + Click
Select face loopAlt + Click
Switches to edit modeTab
Select linked UvsL
Rotate UV CoordinatesR
Calls UV CalculationU

Blender Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows

ActionShortcut Keys
Go to the previous screenCtrl + ←
Go to the next screenCtrl + →
Maximize windowCtrl + ↑
Return to previous window sizeCtrl + ↓
Data viewShift + F4
3D windowShift + F5
IPO windowShift + F6
Buttons windowShift + F7
Sequence windowShift + F8
Outliner windowShift + F9
Image windowShift + F10
Text windowShift + F11
Action windowShift + F12

Blender Shortcuts: Universal Shortcuts #1

ActionShortcut Keys
Lasso selectCtrl + Click
Cancel blender functionsEsc
Open toolboxSpacebar
Start/Quit edit modeTab
Append parts of other filesShift + F1
Export scene as a DXF fileShift + F2
Load blender fileF1
Write blender fileF2
Writes a pictureF3
Display logic contextF4
Display shading contextF5
Display shading context & Texture sub-contextF6
Display object contextF7
Display shading context & world sub-contextF8
Display editing contextF9
Display scene contextF10
Hide/show render windowF11
Start rendering from active cameraF12

Blenders Keyboard Shortcuts: Universal Shortcuts #2

ActionShortcut Keys
Save a screen dump of the active windowCtrl + F3
Save a screen dump of whole blender screenCtrl + Shift + F3
Go to the previous frame
Go to next frame
Go forward 10 frame
Go backward 10 frame
Go to the first frameShift + ←
Go to the last frameShift + →
Insert key menuI
Toggle the render buffersJ
Open the last saved fileCtrl + O
Quit blenderQ
Timer menuAlt + Ctrl + T
Save user defaultsCtrl + U
Write fileCtrl + W
Write video scape fileAlt + W
Erase allCtrl + X
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y

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Blenders Shortcuts: Object Mode Shortcuts #1

ActionShortcut Keys
All object are displayed in the centerHome
Select next object keyPage Up
Select previous object keyPage Down
Add to selection the next object keyShift + Page Up
Add to selection the previous object keyShift + Page Down
Start/stop edit modeTab
Select allA
Apply size and rotationCtrl + A
Add menuShift + A
Select borderB
Render borderShift + B
Center viewC
Convert menuAlt + C
CopyCtrl + C
Center zero viewShift + C
Draw mode menuD
Add duplicateShift + D
Add linked duplicateAlt + D
Draw images as wireCtrl + D
Start/stop edit modeAlt + E

Blenders Keyboard Shortcuts: Object Mode Shortcuts #2

ActionShortcut Keys
Toggle face select mode on/offF
Sort facesCtrl + F
Grab modeG
Clears translationAlt + G
Group selectionShift + G
Insert object keyI
Join objectCtrl + J
Show keysK
Make selected object localL
Link selectedCtrl + L
Mirror menuCtrl + M
Number panelN
Clear originAlt + O
Toggle Subsurf on/offShift + O
Rotate modeR
Clear rotationAlt + R
Size modeS
Clear sizeAlt + S
Snap menuShift + S
Texture space modeT
Make object single userU
Object images aspectAlt + V
Open object booleans menuW
Toggle solid mode on/offZ
Toggle shaded mode on/offShift + Z
Toggle Textured mode on/offAlt + Z

Animation Blender shortcut

ActionShortcut Keys
Inserting KeyframeI
Clear all keyframeAlt + I
removing all f-curve with Keyframe Shift + Alt + I
driver assigningCtrl + D
Clear Assign DriverCtrl + Alt + D
Adding new Keying setK
Clear added Keying setAlt + K

Download Blender Shortcuts in PDF

📥 Blender 2.8 Shortcuts.pdf

Download Blender Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

📥 Blender 2.8 Shortcuts.xlsx

Above all the shortcuts are grouped into logical sections like navigation, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, and so on to make it easy to find specific shortcuts.

With all these above Blender shortcuts I would just warp up by saying “Happy Blending.” Blender 2.8 shortcut pdf can benefit you to speed up the workflow and carry out your workflow more effectively. The 3D Max shortcuts are another or an alternative to Blender shortcuts which are used most while working with any 3D content.

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Hope you have liked our blog on Blender Keyboard Shortcut. I Hope Blender Shortcuts will help you to work Smoother and Faster. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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