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Avid keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac


Avid Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac The first thing that we ask before we start using the software is: How secure is the software? Does it function smoothly with keyboard shortcuts? As keyboard shortcuts make your hectic work easy. To be rough, 90% of the shortcuts will be the same irrespective of their version. There are plenty of specific keys and combinations of keys that can be used to extract the clips.

List of Avid Keyboard Shortcuts

This tutorial will explain to you all the Avid keyboard shortcuts that are used for the smooth functioning of the software without the use of the mouse. With these below shortcuts master your Avid Media Composer’s keyboard shortcuts. Download the Avid keyboard shortcuts PDF.


Bin Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
New BinCommand + NCtrl + N
Select all items in the active binCommand + ACtrl + A
Close windowsCommand + WCtrl + W
PrintCommand + PCtrl + P
Create DuplicatesCommand + DCtrl + D
Create a groupCommand + Shift + GCtrl + Shift + G
InformationCommand + ICtrl + I
Decrease clip frame imageCommand + KCtrl + K
Increase clip fame imageCommand + LCtrl + L
Tidy upCommand + TCtrl + T

Tools Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Timeline window0Ctrl + 0
Audio tool1Ctrl + 1
Avid calculator2Ctrl + 2
Command pallette3Ctrl + 3
composer window4Ctrl + 4
Media creation5Ctrl + 5
Console6Ctrl + 6
Capture tool7Ctrl + 7
Effects pallette8Ctrl + 8
Project window9Ctrl + 9

Editing Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
CopyCommand + CCtrl + C
PasteCommand + VCtrl + V
UndoCommand + ZCtrl + Z
RedoCommand + RCtrl + R
Toggle between source and record monitorsEscEsc
Send selected window backCommand + ‘Ctrl + ‘

Capturing Avid Editor Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Red locator to the clipF5F5
Green locator to the clipF6F6
Blue locator to the clipF7F7
Cyan locator to the clipF8F8
Magenta locator to the clipF9F9
Yellow locator to the clipF10F10
Black locator to the clipF11F11
White locator to the clipF12F12

Audio Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Snaps to mid in audio mixOption + Click on pan sliderAlt + Click on pan slider
Snaps to 0 db in audio EQOption + Click on Volume sliderAlt + Click on Volume slider
Select track for audio scrub monitoringOption + Click on Audio Track MonitorAlt + Click on Audio Track Monitor
opens audio settingsOption + Click on Digital scrubAlt + Click on Digital scrub

Timeline Avid Editor Shortcuts

ActionMac ShortcutsWindows Shortcuts
Increase the height of selected trackCommand + LCtrl + L
Decrease the height of selected trackCommand + KCtrl + K
Show more or less details in the timelineCommadn + [/]Ctrl + [/]
FindCommand + FCtrl + F
Add new video trackCommand + YCtrl + Y
Add new audio trackCommand + UCtrl + U
Select all tracksCommand + ACtrl + A
De selected all tracksCommand + Shift + ACtrl + Shift + A
Display the entire sequenceCommand + /Ctrl + /
Zoom on to the TimelineCommand + MCtrl + M

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Here, with the above list, the Avid keyboard shortcut list is covered that will make it more comfortable while using the Avid Media Composer. From my point of view, you are using shortcuts while editing makes you a more confident editor. Once you become familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, there is nothing that can stop you from increasing your speed while working with Avid Media Composer.

Spend less time and work more on the moto behind to learn the keyboard shortcuts. Other than the Avid Media Composer, there are other editor shortcuts you should consider worth noticing. DaVinci Resolve can be an excellent alternative to Avid Media Composer. DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts here.

Hope you have liked our blog on Avid Keyboard Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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