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Most used AutoCAD Shortcuts – AutoCAD Shortcut keys PDF


What are AutoCAD shortcuts? In simple words, Keyboard Shortcuts is the keyboard combination that is used to launch the command. After spending countless hours working on a project using the AutoCAD, AutoCAD shortcuts can give some respite to them. Below is the list of most basic AutoCAD Shortcuts which every AutoCAD users should know.

AutoCAD Shortcuts you should know, AutoCAD shortcut keys pdf free download

While you are learning How to use AutoCAD, you must also know the importance of learning the AutoCAD shortcuts keys.

Download AutoCAD Shortcuts PDF

Manage Drawings

ActionShortcut Keys
New DrawingCtrl + N
Save DrawingCtrl + S
Open DrawingCtrl + O
Plot dialog boxCtrl + P
Switch to next drawingCtrl + Tab
Switch to previous drawingCtrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to next tab in current drawingCtrl + Page Up
Switch to previous tab in current drawingCtrl + Page Down
ExitCtrl + Q
Select all objectsCtrl + A

Manage Screen

ActionShortcut Keys
Clear ScreenCtrl + 0
Property paletteCtrl + 1
Design center paletteCtrl + 2
Tool paletteCtrl + 3
Sheet set paletteCtrl + 4
DB connect managerCtrl + 6
Markup set manager paletteCtrl + 7
Quick calcCtrl + 8
Comment lineCtrl + 9

Toggle Drawing Modes

ActionShortcut keys
Object snap modeF3
Grid modeF7
Ortho modeF8
Snap modeF9
Polar modeF10
Object snap trackingF11
Dynamic input modeF12

Manage Workflow

ActionShortcut keys
Copy objectCtrl + C
Cut objectCtrl + X
Paste objectCtrl + V
Copy to clipboard with base pointCtrl + Shift + C
Paste data as blockCtrl + Shift + V
Undo last actionCtrl + Z
Redo last actionCtrl + Y
Cancel current commandCtrl + [

General Features

ActionShortcut keys
Toggle coordinate displayCtrl + D
Toggle GridCtrl + G
Cycle isometric planesCtrl + E
Toggle running object snapsCtrl + F
Toggle Pick styleCtrl + H
Toggle hide palletsCtrl + Shift + H
Toggle coordsCtrl + I
Toggle Infer constraintsCtrl + Shift + I

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AutoCAD, computer-aided design and drafting software and also being one of the leading CAD programs in the market today. The above AutoCAD shortcuts will definitely help you to transform the experience of working with the software and improve overall productivity.

Hence, it is proved that mastering the AutoCAD shortcuts will be one of the best ways to get the most out of the investment made in AutoCAD. An alternative to AutoCAD software is the SketchUp software. You can check out the SketchUp Shortcuts here.

Hope you have liked our blog on AutoCAD Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next level.

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