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100+ Apple iMovie Shortcuts – iMovie hotkeys


General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Help menuCommand + Shift + ?
Movie propertiesCommand + J
Import mediaCommand + I
Share the selection movieCommand + E
Create a new movie projectCommand + N
Move to trashCommand + Delete
Open iMovie preferencedCommand + ,
CopyCommand + C
CutCommand + X
PasteCommand + V

Play video Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Play videoSpacebar
Play the selection/
Play the selected clip from beginning
Play selected item in full screenCommand + Shift + F
Exit full screenEsc
Move the play head by one frame← or →

Audio related Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Open voiceover controlsV
Turn on or silence audio while skimming videoShift + S
Detach audio from a clipCommand + Option + B
UndoCommand + Z
RedoCommand + Shift + Z

Video edit Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Select an entire clip or projectCommand + A
Deselect all clipsCommand + Shift + A
Add the selection to the movieE
Connect the clip at the playhead positionQ
Insert the selection in the movieW
Automatically improve the video and audio qualityCommand + Shift + E
Paste color adjustmentCommand + Option + A
Paste crop adjustmentCommand + Option + R
Paste stabilization adjustmentCommand + Option + Z
Paste Rolling shutter adjustmentCommand + Option + T
Paste volume adjustmentCommand + Option + O
Paste the video effectCommand + Option + L
Paste the speed adjustmentCommand + Option + S
Paste cutway settingsCommand + Option + U
Paste the map styleCommand + Option + M
Rate favoriteF
Unmark selected framesU
Rate the selection as rejected or deleteDelete
Loop playbackCommand + L
Open the clip trimmerCommand +
Open the precision editorCommand + /
CropCommand + K
Split clip at playheadCommand + T
Create still frameCommand + Shift + S

iMovie window Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
MinimizeCommand + M
Go to library view1
iMovie theater2
Show or hide the adjustment bar3
Show or hide the libraries listCommand + Shift + 1
Show transitions in the browserCommand + 1
Show titlesCommand + 2
Show map and backgroundsCommand + 3
Show your iTunes libraryCommand + 4
Show sound effectCommand + 5
Show your garageband libraryCommand + 6
Play in full screenCommand + Shift + F

Bookmarks Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Add bookmarkCommand + E
Delete bookmarkCommand + Shift + E
Next bookmarkCommand + ]
Previous bookmarkCommand + [

View menu function Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Switch to clip viewerCommand + E
Scroll to playheadCommand + Option + P
Scroll to selectionCommand + Option + S
Zoom to selectionCommand + Option + Z

Navigation Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Play or Stop captureSpace
Move playhead to beginning of movieHome
Forward one frame
Forward Ten framesShift + →
Back one frame
Back ten frameShift + ←
Move between text filledTab

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