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100+ Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts | Download Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts PDF


Adobe Acrobat shortcuts let you edit documents in a flow. You can now convert any scanned documents, or any PDF documents, Image documents into an editable document. The Adobe Acrobat Keyboard shortcuts are used by a large number of people. Also, the number of shortcuts in the software is quite more.

Even though there is an update in the newer version, Adobe Acrobat shortcuts help you save your precious time. Below is the list of Adobe Acrobat Pro shortcuts to save time while creating or editing the PDFs.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Shortcut keys PDF

The number of Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcut keys is more. However, we have tried our best to help you out with amazing and most used Adobe Acrobat Pro Shortcuts in order to save time while creating or editing PDF.

List of Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts

The list of Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts are as follows

Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Accessibility 

ActionShortcut Keys
Change reading settingsShift + Ctrl + 5
Reflow a tagged PDFCtrl + 4
Activate/Deactivate Read out loudShift + Ctrl + Y
Read current page loudShift + Ctrl + V
Pause reading out loudShift + Ctrl + C
Stop reading out loudShift + Ctrl + E

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Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Navigation 

ActionShortcut Keys
Move focus to menusF10
Move focus to the toolbar in browser and applicationShift + F8
Select a highlighted control in the top barEnter/Space
Move to next open documentCtrl + F6
Move to previous open documentCtrl + Shift + F6
Close current documentCtrl + F4
Move to focus to next comment, linkTab
Move focus to document paneF5
Open context menuShift + F10
Close context menuF10
Return to a hand tool or select toolEsc
Move focus to next tabCtrl + Tab
Move to previous search resultShift + F3
Move to next search resultF3
Search the previous documentAlt + Shift + ←
Search next documentAlt + Shift + →
Select textShift + Arrow keys
Select next wordShift + Ctrl + →
Deselect the previous wordShift + Ctrl + ←

Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Tools 

ActionShortcut Keys
Hand ToolH
Temporarily select hand toolSpace
Select ToolV
Marquee Zoom toolZ
Cycle through zoom toolsShift + Z
Temporarily select Dynamic zoom toolShift
Temporarily zoom outCtrl
Temporarily select zoom in toolCtrl + Space
Select object toolR
Edit object toolO
Enter/Exit forms editingA
Crop toolC
Link toolL
Text field toolF
3D toolM
Edit document text toolT
RedactionShift + Y
Javascript DebuggerCtrl + J
Insert Blank pages toolShift + Ctrl + T
Insert FilesCtrl + Shift + I
Delete pagesCtrl + Shift + D
Open output preview~
Touch up reading order toolShift + Ctrl + U

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Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Navigating a PDF 

ActionShortcut Keys
Previous screenPage Up
Next ScreenPage Down
First pageHome
Last pageEnd
Previous pageCtrl + Page up
Next pageCtrl + Page Down
Previous open documentCtrl + F6
Next open documentShift + Ctrl + F6
Scroll up
Scroll down
Scroll – when hand tool is selectedSpace
Zoom inCtrl + =
Zoom outCtrl + –

Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Navigation 

ActionShortcut Keys
Open and move to navigation paneCtrl + Shift + F5
Move focus among thee documentF6
Move focus to previous paneShift + F6
Move among the elements of the active panelTab
Expand the current bookmark
Collapse the current bookmark
Expand all bookmarksShift + *
Collapse selected bookmark/
Move focus to next item
Move focus to previous item

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Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Navigating the Help

ActionShortcut Keys
Open Help windowF1
Close Help windowCtrl + W
Move back to the previously opened topicAlt + ←
Move forward to next topicAlt + →
Move to next paneCtrl + Tab
Move to the previous paneShift + Ctrl + Tab
Move focus to the next link within a paneTab
Move focus to the previous link within a paneShift + Tab
Activate highlighted linkEnter
Print Help topicCtrl + P

Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts: Comments 

ActionShortcut keys
Sticky Note ToolS
Text edit toolE
Stamp toolK
Current highlighting toolU
Current drawing markup toolD
Cloud toolQ
Text Box toolX
Current Stamp or Attach toolJ
Cycle through stampShift + J
Move focus to the next commentTab
Move focus to the previous commentShift + Tab
Open pop-up noteEnter
Close pop-upEsc

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Adobe Acrobat Shortcuts help you to read and edit files. It even helps you to add comments in the form of text, shape, and audio. Adobe Acrobat shortcut PDFs are specially designed to help you remember even when you do not use the software. Check out the shortcuts of Adobe Acrobat Pro which are Foxit Reader shortcuts.

Adobe Acrobat Pro PDFs help you to stay at peace because your PDFs are secured in this software. Adobe Acrobat can be used along with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Information Protection Solution. I would recommend you to have Adobe Acrobat shortcuts keys PDF in your system or device.

Hope you liked our blog on Adobe Acrobat Shortcut, Feel free to help us with the names of the software you want to learn. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Leve

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