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89+ Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts | Download 3ds MAX Shortcuts PDF

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3ds Max Shortcuts – Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts


What are Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts? Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts are the Key Combinations that are used help you in 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools in the Software. Scrolling down the menus and rollouts will only slow your work speed and irritate or frustrate you the most. That is the reason why 3d’s Max shortcuts are given so much importance, 3ds max shortcut keys pdf free download.

What is Autodesk 3ds Max?

Autodesk 3D Max is software used for 3D modeling and rendering software for design visualization, games, and animation.


Below is the list of 3ds Max shortcuts that will help you to improve efficiency and speed up the work. You can also build your own list of shortcuts. List down the shortcuts which are used by you the most and remember it. Using the keyboard saves a lot of time as compared to while working with the mouse. Download the 3d’s Max Shortcuts in the PDF form here.

Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts for Beginners 

ActionShortcut Keys
New sceneCtrl + N
View edged facesF4
Shade selected facesF2
Wireframe/smooth and highlightF3
Selection lockSpace
Hide gridsG
Angle snapA
Percent snapCtrl + Shift + P
Create camera from viewCtrl + C
Restrict plane cycleF8
Render lastF9
Render scene dialogueF10
Render to texture dialogue0
Quik renderShift + Q
Material editorM
Particle view6
Environment & effects dialogue8
Open advanced lighting panel9
Open Max script listenerF11
Open last used explorerAlt + Ctrl + Q

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3ds Max General Shortcuts

ActionShortcut Keys
Isolate selectionAlt + Q
Maximise viewportAlt + W
Place highlightCtrl + H
Select by name from sceneH
Select noneCCtrl + D
Select invertCtrl + I
Select ancenstorPage Up
Select childPage Down
CloneCtrl + V
Adaptive degradationO
Expert modeCtrl + X
Undo scene operationCtrl + Z
Redo scene operationCtrl + Y
undo viewport operationShift + Z
Redo viewport operationShift + Y
Show safe framesShift + F
Show statistics7
Auto key modeN
Hide or show camerasShift + C
Hide or show geometryShift + G
Hide or show helpersShift + H
Hide or show lightsShift + L
Hide or show particle systemShift + P
Hide or show shapesShift + S
Hide or show space wrapsShift + W
Display as see-throghAlt + X

Autodesk 3ds Max Material Editor Shortcuts

ActionShortcut keys
Cycle 3×2, 5×3 etc. sample slotsX
Get materialG
Go backward to sibling
Go forward to sibling
Go to parent
Make previewP

Poly Editable Shortcuts in Autodesk 3ds Max

ActionShortcut keys
Vertex level1
Edge level2
Border level3
Poly level4
Element level5
Extrude modeShift + E
Bevel modeCtrl + Shift + B
Chamfer modeCtrl + Shift + C
ConnectCtrl + Shift + E
Edge constaintShift + X
Target weldCtrl + Shift + W
CutAlt + C
QuicksliceCtrl + Shift + Q
HideAlt + H
Hide unselectedAlt + I
Unhide allAlt + U

Views Shortcuts in Autodesk 3ds Max 

ActionShortcut Keys
Isometric userU
perspective userP
Spot or directional lightShift + 4

Viewport Navigation Controls Shortcuts in Autodesk 3ds Max

ActionShortcut keys
Zoom modeAlt + Z
Zoom extentsAlt + Ctrl + Z
Zoom extents allShift + Ctrl + Z
Zoom selected allZ
Zoom in 2xAlt + Shift + Ctrl + Z
Zoom out 2xAlt + Shift + Z
Zoom region modeCtrl + W
Zoom viewport in[
Zoom viewport out]
Pane viewCtrl + P
Arc rotateCtrl + R
Min or max switchAlt + W

Key and Time Controls Shortcuts in 3ds Max

ActionShortcut keys
Selection lock switchSpacebar
Auto key modeN
Set key mode
Set keysK
Play or stop animation/
Backup time one unit,
Forward time one unit.
Go to start frameHome
Go to end frameEnd

Walk-through-mode Shortcuts in 3ds Max

ActionShortcut Keys
Increase step size]
Decrease step size[
Reset step sizeAlt + [
LevelShift + Spacebar
Lock vertical rotationSpacebar

Virtual viewport Shortcuts list in Autodesk 3ds Max

ActionShortcut Keys
Virtual viewport toggle/
Virtual viewport zoom in+
Virtual viewport zoom out
Virtual viewport pan down2
Virtual viewport pan left4
Virtual viewport pan right6
Virtual viewport pan up8

Subobjects Shortcut Keys in Autodesk 3ds

ActionShortcut Keys
Subobject mode toggleCtrl + B
Subobject level cycleInsert
Subobject level 11
Subobject level 22
Subobject level 33
Subobject level 44
Subobject level 55
Delete subobjectDelete

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The above Autodesk 3ds Max shortcuts will definitely change the way you work with 3ds Max. Knowing that creating 3D images is a time-consuming job. Blender and SketchUp can be a good alternative to Autodesk 3ds Max shortcuts. Check out the Blender Shortcuts and SketchUp shortcuts.

Hope you have liked our blog on Autodesk 3ds Max Shortcuts. Suggestions are always welcomed for the blog you looking forward to hearing from us. Connect with us and Take your Office Productivity to Next Level.

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